Mosque Services

Mosques are one of those institutions that play an important role in the development of the religious, social and cultural society. They are the number one architectural structructures of religious works, were worship and eductional services are taken place.

The constructions of mosques begun with the first sanctuary of the islam - the Kaaba and the Quba masjid which were constructed during the Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w)’s migration to Madinah. After the construction of Masjid al-Nabawi, during the period of the Sahabe Umar (r.a)’s caliphate mosques have become important centers which have spread amongst almost all over the İslamic world until today.

Foundations have an important place in the İslamic civilization which has been a pioneer until today in the construction and maintenance of mosques. The Religious Foundation of Turkey is continuing this blessed tradition of constructing mosques and educational buildings within the country and abroad.


Our foundation is working to fulfil the needs of mosques which our country is in need of due to the fast growing population and migration to cities. After presenting the completion of Ankara Kocatepe Mosque in 1967 to the public our foundation has then constructed 3421 mosques and educational buildings within the country and over 100 in 25 other countries.

Fulfulling the needs of mosques have been left the communities susceptibility, effort and self-sacrific. Local enterprises have remained incapable about the construction of monumental mosques in large cities. Our foundation has filled a large gap in this field with mosque activities.

It requires a responsible to protect old mosques and enable the new generation to inhale the spritiual air present. As well as the Kocatepe, Adana Sabancı Center and the Hacıveyiszade mosques known as the monumental and large social complex a certain amount of mosques in province and districts were presented to the population by The Religious Foundation of Turkey.

Our foundation provides places to unite our volunteeers with everyone and is still in the process of building mosques in 9 countries and is allocating areas in 7 other countries to start the construction of 16 mosques.