The Commercial Printing and Publication Enterprise disseminates books, journals, calendars, brochures, and any kind of publication typographic and pressing  material, it also publishes and broadcasts matters about religion, national, and cultural issues in printed, audio, video form domestically and internationally. It also organizes expositions, fairs and exhibitions locally and abroad. Publishing firms and branches are founded and established for compiling, translating and publishing books about Islamic education, knowledge and Islamic art, architecture and calligraphy. Beside these activities of administration, it supplies funeral services to citizens living abroad especially in Europe and it also supplies religious officials working for the Presidency of religious affairs with a robe and turban.

a) Printing Operations

The number of printing and publishing houses that were since established in 1992, have rapidly grown and new and advanced equipment, machinery and technological developments have been implemented over the years. Several contacts, including the Presidency of Religious Affairs and other institutions and organisations are primarily involved in the publication of  books, brochures, posters and etc. The Business center, printing facilities and storage premises prior to the OSTIM Example industrial site, now has has a 4,500-square-foot space to use for the typesetting and printing stage of publication.

b) Publishers and Branch Operations/Activities

The commercial purpose of the second plan and the Foundations production of publications in religious, national, scientific, literary, cultural, historical and philosophical issues and matters which are established to conduct publishing activities, depends on the business of our publishers in terms of sales and distribution like the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation, Presidency of Religious Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture, Turkish Language Institution, Turkish History Agency. With the help of dissemination from these official institutions and formal agencies, our foundation offers all kinds of readers religious, scientific, national, historical and cultural content that it deems appropriate in either printed, audio or video form. There are 24 publishing houses nationwide that comprises of 150 publishers; it has published over 600 prints, including audio and video material; and has compiled over 12,000 different kind of books.

c) Funeral Transportation Services

Our foundation provides funeral and memorial services such as collecting the coffin of our citizens whom were living overseas specifically European countries from the airport  and transferring them to the citizen’s hometown or desired location in a timely manner.