Cultural Activities

Our foundation is ongoing cultural services by producing scientific and lasting works to be helpful in our nation's perpetuity nearby transferring our culture to the next generation.


The Islamic Encyclopedia of the Religious Foundation of Turkey

The Islamic encyclopedia is an important work of the religious foundation of Turkey's Islamic Research Center. This work was prepared within 25 years with a meticulous study by 2 thousand writers and a strong editorial staff.

The Islamic encyclopedia is a 44 volume characteristic work which has been suitable for the major cultural and artistic reward by the presidency in 2014.

This precious work in which the Islamic world has gained is formed up of 16,858 articles which have all been confirmed from scanning 500 basic sources.

The Board of Science, Culture, Arts and Publication

In accordance with the publishing policy of our foundation, the annual plan and program of the books that will be published are prepared by selecting the written, vocal and displayed publishing’s.

Islam with Hadiths

The Islamic hadiths is a work for our scientific and cultural world by our foundation, which is an inviter to explore the mysterious and merciful world of our Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w).

This work shows the role model of our Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) with simple, understandable language and a unique style.

Book and Culture Fair      

The religious foundation of Turkey organizes the book and culture fair of Turkey every year in the month of Ramadan since 1983 in order to bring together readers, writers and editors.

The 33rd book and culture fair of Turkey was organized in 2014 and received a big interest.

Publication Activities

Within the country our 24 publishing houses bring together with our readers more than 600 printed, voiced and displayed works. It also provides 12,000 types of books from about other 150 publishing houses.

Centre for Family, Women and Youth (KAGEM)

The centre for family, women and youth (KAGEM) is a department of the Religious Foundation of Turkey which makes systematic works in order to bring together and give information to the society in the logic of science, culture and art.

In addition to seminars, conferences, panels, workshops and scientific meetings the centre for family, women and youth (KAGEM) conducts activities for the strengthening of families.

Not only in Ankara but throughout the country the centre for family, women and youth (KAGEM) organizes works for the purpose of presenting activities. It had 2500 trainees in the academic period of 2014 – 2015.

The Holy Birth Week

Known as the ‘Holy Birth Week’, on the anniversary of our Prophet Muhammad’s (s.a.w) birth, activities are organized ever since 1989 and is still ongoing to explain which brightens the whole humankind the divine message of our Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w).

At thousands of activities organized every year within the country and abroad by The Presidency of Religious Affairs and the Religious Foundation of Turkey, the Prophet Muhammad’s (s.a.w) life and his divine message is spoken out to all ages of the society.

The Holy Birth celebrations and the social and cultural activities committed by our entire Mufti offices in province and districts are widely followed enthusiastically which are conducted in cooperation with The Presidency of Religious Affairs.