After successfully completing the construction and decoration of the hypermarket under Kocatepe Mosque, this company which was formed in the year 1990, rented out this space to Beğendik A.Ş. Furthermore, this company opened a hypermarket in Antalya. It also sells and does the bargaining work for computer and office equipment products which it began in the year 1993.

On the 1st of October 2001 Gintaş, Divantaş, Vetaş and 29 Mayıs merged under the structure of A.Ş. Komaş. As a result Izmir Private Bornova College also began its activities with links to this company.

Areas of Activity

-Modern merchandising activities (Antalya and Kocatepe)

-Construction activities

-Private School administration

-Computer and Computer product sales activities

-Woodwork and décoration activities

-Uluborlu cold room services

-Habur Pilgrimage accommodation facilities

- Gintaş tourism and travel agency

-Presidency of Religious Affairs Cafeteria management

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