Charitable and Social Activities


With social and charitable activities performed within the country and abroad, we donate the charity to our foundation by helpful people to those who are in need.

Within social and charitable activities, the foundation performed helps in the form of cash, Zakat and Fitra, distributed shopping aid cards and food packages and set up tables for İftar. During Qurbani (Eid Al-Adha) and also throughout the year our foundation sacrifices animals with the help of our people to donate to millions of people living in crisis regions within Turkey and all around the world to those suffering from hunger, earthquakes, floods, wars and violence.

Every year in the month of Ramadan, our foundation delivers the Zakat and Fitra deposited by our people for those in need within the country and abroad.

Each year in cooperation with the Presidency of Religious Affairs, in accordance with religious principles and by acting with confidence and a safety slogan, our foundation organizes a Qurban sacrifice by proxy program. 

Our foundation delivers our nation's deposits and presents along with the "Sacrifice of Qurban by Proxy" program to all over the world with the effort of our desire and attendant's. From the start of this program in 1993 till 2014; 686,920 shares have been sacrificed and delivered.

Without discrimination, we deliver help to millions of people all around the world who suffer from hunger, earthquakes, war and violence from different geographies.

The deposits of our nation are delivered to a broad range of geography from the Balkans to Palestine, from Caucasia to Africa, from the Republic of Turkey to the Latin America and to Far East countries. 

Between years 2010 - 2014 we have fulfilled a humanitarian support of 292 million Turkish lira due to the earthquakes, wars and human crisis which took place in besides Turkey, Pakistan, Haiti, Somalia, Arakan, Mali, Syria, Palestine, Gaza, Philippines, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq and most of the African countries.