Envision a city in which bombs entered the living rooms of families and hunger fell upon dining tables. Most of those who abandoned their homes to set out to become refugees did not reach safety in camps. Chemical weapons, the use of which is considered a crime on an international level, were tested on the young and the old without any regard.

Envision a geography in which the four figure death toll was again easily articulated. 1,402 civilians lost their lives in 30 days. 758 of these losses occurred in the past 19 days. 241 of those who were murdered are children.

Basic needs were not met for 102 days, while, aid groups which could have been a source of relief for the oppressed, were denied access. With the coming of winter in addition to the adversity of hunger, came the struggle with cold. The United Nations gave this city the name “the city without any food.”

Envision a city in which hospitals have completely been wiped out, where the wounded are not treated, where the number of doctors in the area has decreased to the extent they can be counted with the fingers of one’s hand, where basements of buildings are transformed into operating theatres and where the painful echoes of patients are heard as they spend mornings longing for medication.

Our Almighty God commands in the holy Quran, “By the promised Day (of Judgment); By one that witnesses and the subject of the witness; Woe to the makers of the pit (of fire), Fire supplied (abundantly) with fuel: Behold! They sat over against the (fire) And they witnessed (all) that they were doing against the Believers.”

The Prensidency of Religious Affairs and the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation are not merely spectators to the things being experienced in Aleppo but instead are  pioneering a new campaign by bringing together non-governmental organisations for the oppressed and mistreated people of Aleppo.

You can say no to this humanitarian crisis by supporting the campaign that commenced with the slogan, “Do not Let Humanity Die in Aleppo.”

We invite all our businessmen, industrialists, tradesmen, chambers of industry and commerce, trade unions, non-governmental organisations, artists and  each individual person of our population to support our campaign.


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