Academic Activities

We give priority to education so that a generation that understands our heritage of ancient civilazitions, those who worry about others worries, are self-confidence, experts in the fields, who is a good person and a good Muslim is brought up.

We strive to give all young people a solid religious education from those in Quran courses to hafizes’, those in Imam-hatip high schools to universities and to those in masters and PhDs.

Our foundation unites hearts universally by offering an opportunity in education amongst students from 108 countries, giving scholarship to successful students, higher education dormitories, student guest houses, opening of colleges and universities, international Imam-hatip high schools and international guest student programs.


Scholarship and Education Support

We give scholarship and education support to youths in different areas in which we see them as a guarantee of our future in supporting their education. 

In the academic 2015-16 year we are giving 23 bin 982 students scholarship and education support. Until today, we have given 56 million 645,000 Turkish lira worth of scholarships to over 240 thousand students.


Higher Education Student Dormitories

We open dormitories in family warmth, so that families feel comfortable to send their children. With the new ones opening we have a total of 5000 dormitories, and 14 higher education dormitories for university students.

We are aiming to increase the number of dormitories to 20 the capacities to 7500 during the first stage in the cities Samsun, Rize, Niğde, Bursa, Gümüşhane, Van, İzmir and Sakarya.

Our aim is to open up dormitories separate for boys and girls in every province.

Student Guest Houses

To raise the success of our university students, we are opening student guest house which are reliable, in good condition and under the supervision of our branches. There are 210 student houses in 30 provinces. 1404 students living in houses.

Program of the International Imam-Hatip Student

In cooperation with the Ministry of National Education, we provide education for international students within the International Imam-hatip student program to be educated at the International Anatolian Imam-hatip high schools in Kayseri, Konya and Istanbul.

Currently there are 1036 students being educated at these three schools. 986 students have graduated within the program.

International Student Guest Program

With the international student guest program we provide facilities for international students to receive education in the universities within Turkey.

There are 1368 students from different countries all over the world who are receiving education in undergraduate, Masters and PhD levels at the faculties of theology. Within the international student guest program, 1856 students have graduated.

International Islamic Theology Program (UİP)

Expatriate students from European countries, America and Australia whom have completed their high schools overseas are being educated within the program of international Islamic theology in six different theology faculties in Turkey to meet the needs in the field of religious education. 

We are providing scholarships and supplying the needs of 695 expatriate students who come from 14 countries.

Within this program we have graduated 1070 students, whom are now delivering the needs in the field of religious education.

Education Institutions Overseas

In 11 countries abroad, we provide high school and university education as well as needs for students. 3635 students are currently studying in 18 educational institutions with 11 of these being high schools and 7 of them being faculties of theology.

While 2 Imam-hatip high schools are still under construction in Somalia's autonomous region Somaliland, we are working to open 2 new schools in 2 African countries offer English and French education.

Education Services for Refugees that come from War and Crisis Zones

We do not isolate the Syrians that take shelter in our country and struggle to live in hard conditions.

The projects we have started for the education of refugee children are still in progress.

All the expenses are being covered by our foundation within the project of providing education to 8986 students in 18 schools which have been allocated by the Ministry of National Education throughout Ankara, Gaziantep, Kilis and Şanlıurfa.

International Education Programs

In cooperation with The Presidency of Religious Affairs, we have actualized by meeting the expenses of specialized students and the ministers of religion within the program "International Ministers of Religion Education Services and Specialization" and also within the "International Guest Student Qur'an Course" program, for the Quran course students who came to our country from the autonomous republics connected to the Republic of Turkey, Balkan States and Russia.

Domestic Education Institutions

A total of 1252 of our students are receiving education in middle and high school levels at Bornova College (1994) by our share company KOMAŞ.Inc.

There are a total of 1193 students in undergraduate, masters and PhD level at the Istanbul 29 Mayıs University founded by the Religious Foundation of Turkey in Istanbul, the city where members of different beliefs and cultures lived throughout centuries and the melting pot of civilizations.

Our University continues the academic activities to raise researchers and scientists in the field of experts to contribute to humanities scientific accumulation through genuine investigations. 

We have allocated 61 Imam-hatip high school buildings to the Ministry of National Education.

In collaboration with the Ministry of National Education, we have allocated 61 high school buildings to them in which the property belongs to our foundation.

The Education Coordinator ships

To perform the residual education coordinately, we have opened province education coordinator ships in Ankara, Istanbul, Konya, Kayseri, Samsun and Bursa.

Within the education coordinator ships, there are common rooms, interview rooms and libraries for students. Besides subjects like catechism and reinforcement, students are able to utilize from seminars, conferences and social activities coordinated by our coordinator ships.