Activities That Support the Services of the Presidency of Turkish Affairs


Our cooperation with the Presidency of Turkish Affairs is the understanding of Islam's fundamental identity, seeking to live together in unity and solidarity in the Muslim world.

In accordance with the founding purpose, we are helping the Presidency of Religious Affairs run the activities effectively within the country and abroad.

To be performed rapidly and effectively we provide all kinds of budget support within the bounds of possibility to the presidency of religious affairs services in the areas İrshad (act of showing the true path), Hajj and Umrah, mufti and mosque services, Qur'an courses and education centers.

We built mosques, Qur'an courses, educational and cultural institutions where needed and also met the needs of religious services for all the mufti services associated with the Presidency of Religious Affairs.

So far until today 11858 of our foundation’s service buildings have been allocated for the services of the Presidency of Religious Affairs such as mosques, masjids, Qur'an courses, mufti services, education centers and housing.

The Diyanet TV channel begun in 2012. Related to the preparation, construction and submission of programs which will be broadcasted Diyanet TV, all kinds of buying, selling and renting processes are carried out by our publication printing services and our trade business in coordination with the Presidency of Religious Affairs and our foundation.