The Turkey Diyanet Foundation (TDV) offers education opportunities that were developed for 4,000 Arakan children who live in the city of Karachi Pakistan.

The Zakau'llah Educational Scholarships and Courses (ZEST) project which TDV prepared for Arakan children who are in the eastern coast of Karaci, Koringi and Malir provinces and started with 25 classrooms in 2015, has now reached 100 classrooms consisting of 4,000 students.

Ahmet Kandemir who is the Pakistan Ramadan Organization Project Manager of TDV gave information regarding the aid activities that are taking place in the region.

Kandemir said that they provided food aid for 500 needy families and organized an iftar program for 250 people.

Kandemir mentioned the educational activities of TDV in Karachi. Kandemir announced that in 2015, with the ZEST project, they have been supporting Arakan children, in particular, those who do not have education opportunities in Koringi and Malir in which most Arakan people reside.

Kandemir, continued with the following words;

"These neighborhoods on the eastern shore of Pakistan are the regions that are highly populated with Arakan Muslims. The Arakan people have settled in these regions by escaping the political pressures of their country. They have no right to citizenship so they are deprived of any kind of services provided by the government. We will be the hope, God willing, for Arakan children in Pakistan with the the help and support of our nation."

Kandemir expressed that other than Urdu and English they provide lessons in mathematics, religious culture and Quran. He announced that all the necessary mobile and logistic support was met by the donations of the Turkish people to TDV in order to carry out the project and provide educational material and books.

Arakan scholar Zakaullah was inspired,

Zafer Ikbal, Managing Director of NGO World, that is a non-government organization project partner of TDV in Pakistan, emphasized that the Turkey Diyanet Foundation is involved in auspicious work. 

Ikbal said, "These people did not have hope until TDV had developed educational projects for them. Families in Koringi and Malir regions did not have the opportunity to send their children to school but now they have goal and hope".

Ikbal pointed out that Zakaullah is an important figure for Arakan people, he said that "Zakaullah, in recent years has worked to educate children to become a conscious generation by with opportunities in streets, homes and mosques. We provided education to these children that inspired him with limited opportunities.


Teachers open their homes to their students

Iqbal said that the teachers who teach the children were the ones who received Madrasa style education.

He indicated that the Pakistani government has implemented a training program for teachers, Ikbal continued:

"The Director of Education is in charge of examining the schools and they determine which schools are suitable for teaching. After the teachers receive their certificates once they pass the training programs they begin their teaching duties. In order to teach these oppressed children, teachers have turned part of their houses into classrooms. A total of 4 thousand children are studying in these classrooms, however many of these children will complete their higher education in Turkey."