Within the scope of the third ‘International Benevolence Awards’ ceremony  which will take place on the 12th of March, the ‘Benevolence’ themed photo exhibition has been opened.

Selected photos from the total 3,200 submissions made to the ‘Focusing on Benevolence’ photography contest, which was organised with the intention of spreading goodness, increasing awareness of benevolence and encouraging those who perform acts of kindness, is being put to display at the Beyoglu Post and Telegraph Centre.

The Deputy General  Manager of  Turkiye Diyanet Foundation, Abdurrahman Cetin, spoke at the opening of the exhibition, “ The fact that benevolence is expressed here today through photographs is very significant to us. Insha’Allah we hope to carry on this kind of work in the future. The photos which are being exhibited here, today are are those which have been deemed worthy of being exhibited as a result of the ‘Focusing on Benevolence” photography contest we organised within the scope of the International Benevolence Awards.”

Cetin stated that he believed the number of applications will increase each year, and  remarked that Turkiye Diyanet Foundation is an organisation which aims to spread benevolence across the globe. This was evident in that they provided humanitarian aid in 135 countries.

In the Focusing on Benevolence’ contest ‘which took place in cooperation with the Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey, first place was given to Cem Genco from Anatolia Agency who entered the contest from Hatay-Turkey with his photograph entitiled ‘A Fathers lap’(Baba Kucağı), while the second place was given to Ozkan Bilgin from Anatolia Agency who entered the contest from Van-Turkey with his photo entitled ‘Reaping Goodness’(İyilik Hasadı), and finally the third place was given to Sekan Daldal from Konya-Turkey with his photograph entitled, ‘Beloved Friends’(Can Dostlar). A total of 40 photographs from the competition were found worthy of being displayed in the exhibition.

The exhibition will be open to all visitors throughout the year in the capital Ankara, and  in many parts of Anatolia, however is currently on display in Beyoglu Post and Telegraph Central until the 12th of March.