Since the beginning of the massacre in 2012, the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation has been organizing aid projects for the Rohingya people and has not abandoned the Rakhine people who face heavy violations of human rights.

The Turkiye Diyanet Foundation teams will go to 9 areas near the Bangladesh border between 13 and 16 September 2017 and deliver urgent humanitarian aid to 3,000 families.

After being attacked by racist Buddhists in Myanmar, the rights of citizenship of the Rohingya (Rakhine) muslims were taken, they were forced out of their own homes and faced the most inhumane and cruel tortures. Now another massacre is feared for the Rohingya Muslims. On the 25th of August 2017 a humanitarian crisis came into being after the excuse that armed groups were attacking police posts led to racist attacks.

The Rohingya Muslims who are trying to escape from the Myanmar government’s genocide are having a hard time seeking refuge in neighboring country, Bangladesh. Almost 150,000 people have reached the border of Bangladesh in an attempt to flee from racist Buddhists and the harsh conditions in Myanmar. There are still tens of thousands Rohingya Muslims who were left behind in Myanmar who are attempting to flee the area in order to save their lives. They travel under difficult conditions to Bangladesh, to join the thousands who are waiting at the border.

Despite Bangladesh keeping their borders closed for the Rohingya Muslims who are trying to save their lives from racist Buddhists’ attacks and the world remaining silent to this human drama, Turkey has stood up for the Rohingya Muslims.

TDV sets off to help the People of Arakan

Since the beginning of the massacre in 2012, the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation has been organizing aid projects for the Rohingya people and has not abandoned the Rakhine people who face heavy violations of human rights.

The TDV teams which went to the region established what the needs of the Rakhine people are and determined what the best route of delivering this aid would be.

The first of the aid material will mainly consist of urgent humanitarian aid and primary needs such as food and water. In order to prevent an epidemic, products to maintain hygiene will be distributed.

For the first phase of the aid project, between 13 and 16 September, the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation teams will go to 9 areas near the Bangladesh border (namely: Kutu Palong Camp, Balu Khali Camp, Leda Camp, Musuny Camp, Naikkong Chori, Ghundhom, Bander Ban, Nhila, Cox’s Bazar) and distribute the aid packages.

In the first phase of the project 150,000 dollars of aid will be given to 3,000 families (almost 12,000 people).

After the first phase of the aid project, the TDV teams will analyse the situation and decide on what further aid is needed. Beside basic food supplies and medical aid, 650,000 dollars of aid in the form of clothes and hygienic goods is planned to be taken to the region.

Arakan has not been forgotten during Ramadan and Eid al-Adha

The Turkiye Diyanet Foundation initiated the “Now is the time to help the Rohingya” campaign in 2012 to aid the people who fled massacres in the area.

Between 2012 and 2017, The Turkiye Diyanet Foundation has executed many aid projects in the area. A total of 16,950 food packages have been distributed and 14,850 people were served iftar dinners. The foundation also supports the orphanages in refugee camps of Bangladesh, providing clothes and food.

The general director of the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation, Mustafa Tutkun, stated that the Turkish people’s qurbans have reached the people of Arakan.

General director, Mustafa Tutkun, said: “Within the scope of our 2017 qurban program, 4,690 shares of qurbans have been given to the people in need in Arakan, bringing the total number of shares distributed to the Rakhine people to 16,667. We have distributed 2,100 qurbans in Sitwe, Myanmar during this Eid al-Adha. Another 2,590 qurbans were distributed to the Rakhine people in Malaysia, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Our aid and donations to the families in and around the area of Arakan are not limited to Ramadan and Eid al-Adha. We provide humanitarian aid and financial aid for education throughout the year. We continue our aid in the area with our non-profit partners in the area.”

Education for 4,134 Students in Rohingya by TDV

Along with the humanitarian aid they bring into the region, the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation also designs projects that will result in lasting change for the people of Rohingya.

The biggest project of the foundation is its support towards improving the education of the children and youth of Arakan. They are the future of the area.

A total of 4,134 Rakhine students in Turkey, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Malaysia receive aid to continue their education.

General director Mustafa Tutkun explained the educational activities taking place in Rohingya with the following words:
“We try to carefully select each of the students in Arakan we give scholarships to and raise them to be people of influence in the areas of communication, law and medicine so that they can defend and support Arakan with regards to issues they face and share this with the world. We lay down a condition for every one of the students we financially support, and that is to contribute to Arakan and not to forget their nation.”

Tutkun stated that while they want to educate and aid more university students in Rohingya, there are only a few high school graduates because of the lack of education for the Rakhine people. Therefore, Rakhine high school students are being supported in Pakistan and Malaysia.

The general director Mustafa Tutkun says that the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation has realized a total of 11 million 920 thousand and 192 Turkish Lira of humanitarian aid, scholarships and Ramadan-qurban programs.

Once more, we as the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation call onto the world for your help to end this humanitarian crisis. The Foundation started a new campaign under the slogan “Do not leave the Arakan alone” to help them in their struggle. Those who want to help the oppressed in Arakan can write a text message with ARAKAN to 5601 and donate 10 Turkish Lira. For online donations you can go to our website bagis.diyanetvakfi.org.tr or transfer to our bank account.