Turkiye Diyanet Foundation (TDV) opened 6 water wells in Ghana, Africa within the scope of the “A Drop of Life” project.

Abdullah Ucak, the foreign services specialist at the TDV Department of charity and social services, stated that the “A drop of Life” project was initiated by the Diyanet Foundation in order to provide clean drinking water to the people of Africa by opening water wells.

He added that 6 water wells have been opened in the Adomasa, Pukokrom, Aferoyem, Adeegaa, Awaso and Sonyaney districts of the city of Kumansi which is approximately 350 kilometers from the capital of Ghana, Akra.

Uçak emphasizes that the wells are a 100 to 120 meters deep drilled with special drilling machines. The wells are operated by the use of an electronic water pump to be put to the service of the people. “The wells have a water capacity of 10 tons of water and will provide clean drinking water to the people of the region for 20 to 25 years. The local people will no longer need to walk miles to obtain clean drinking water. This will ease their access to clean drinking water.”

He further noted that the Diyanet Foundation has ongoing water well projects in Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Somalia and Gaza.

Ali Salih, one of the local leaders, stressed that the lack of clean drinking water is the biggest concern in the region, “Thanks to these wells, people will not have to walk miles to get their water. I want to thank the Turkish people and government for remembering their African brothers and sisters.”