Turkiye Diyanet Foundation provided humanitarian aid for the Muslims in Arakan who are fighting for their lives after having to leave the region of residence as a consequence of the oppression of the Myanmar government and attacks by the Buddhists.

The TDV team supplied humanitarian aid for Muslims who live in camps and towns in the city of Sitwe in Arakan, and transported food containers to 2,500 families in need. Taskin Bumin Ayranci who is in charge of Turkiye Diyanet Foundation Charity and Social Services stated that since the year of 2011, TDV has supported oppressed Arakan people with its services, stating, “various sanctions and acts of oppression are taking place against Muslims in Arakan. Arakan is the name of the geography in which oppression is still carried out with an iron hand while the world remains a mere spectator. It is agonizing that our brothers are refugees in their own lands. Muslims who reside at the camp have no permission to go outside of the camps. There is a blockade that is surrounded with wire fences. They do not possess the opportunities that a government provides to its citizens, in the field of education, health, and other areas”.

Taskin Bumin Ayranci declared that as Turkiye Diyanet Foundation, they also support Arakanian people in the field of education, adding that “Muslims in Arakan, do not have opportunities that a state should provide in the field of education and many others. As Turkiye Diyanet Foundation, we provide opportunities in education for 3,134 Arakan students especially in Turkey, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Pakistan. In this context, we provide two different types of education; formal and distant education. As a foundation, we meet all the needs of students who study in secondary school, undergraduate, postgraduate education”. Ayranci specified that the aid that was delivered to Arakan was welcomed happily by Arakan Muslims, and Ayranci added that Turkiye Diyanet Foundation answers the call of their brothers and sisters with its voice of hope and trust’. We will continue to support the oppressed Arakan people with permanent projects to the best of our ability”.

The United Nations (UN) describes Arakan Muslims who were debarred from civil rights in Myanmar as the “most persecuted society of the world”.

As a result of the violence and conflict between the Buddhists and Muslims, many people, especially Muslims, died, hundreds of houses and shops were set afire, and thousands of Muslims had to leave their lands in the year of 2012, in Myanmar.

After the attack made by unidentified persons, in the region of Arakan last November, which aimed at border posts in which most Muslims live, safety operations were initiated. In the violent acts that targeted civilians in Arakan, more than one hundred people died within three months, approximately 100,000 civilians, which consisted mostly of Muslims, became refugees.