Turkiye Diyanet Foundation spread joy and the spirit of unity across the globe as part of the 2017 Mandate Qurban program.

TDV’s general director, Mustafa Tutkun, stated that  as part of the 2017 mandate qurban program which was organised by the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation and the Presidency of Religious Affairs, 257,789 shares of qurban were slaughtered and distributed to those suffering from poverty in 260 cities and regions in Turkey and in 450 locations within 139 countries overseas.

Tutkun, who stated that Qurban as an act of worship reinforces submission, sharing and the sense of brotherhood, also added “The denotation of the word ‘qurban’ reminds us of sharing, submission and coming closer to others. This year, eid once again brought us together with our brothers and sisters whose names and countries we do not know, from Africa to Asia, the Far East to South America, Gazza to Arakan, Bosnia Hersokovina to Haiti, Izmir to Hakkari, and in general Muslims around the globe.”

Tutkun indicated that since qubanis have been donated to foundations in the form of mandate Qurban, this form of worship has have developed more meaning and has also become a solidarity campaign world-wide. He also mentioned that the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation has been carrying out the mandate qurban organisation since 1993 in cooperation with the Presidency of Religious Affairs.

Mustafa Turtkun stressed that , with its professional team and technology infrastructure, the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation identified each donor and followed the qurban slaughtering step by step, and that the procedure of the qurban program and the distribution of the meat, without making it wait, to those in need where all executed by the foundation itself.

Tutkun expressed that they slaughtered qurbans in 260 cities and counties within Turkiye, keeping in mind their Syrian brothers and sisters also carried out the program in locations near and across the borders. He also stated,  “Alongside this, we have carried out the sacrificing of mandate qurbans and distribution to the needy in 450 different locations in 139 countries abroad. Hence we were able to deliver the qurban we were trusted with by our citizens to those in oppressed and aggrieved countries and share the spirit of aid.” 

Mandate qurban donations have increased by 18,375 in comparison to last year’s figures. 

Tutkun also noted the following, “This year our charitable nation, once again, showed great support to the mandate qurban program. Furthermore, he stated that the mandate qurban donations this year saw a rise of 7.25%.

He mentioned that “ The mandate qurbans donated to Turkiye Diyanet Foundation as part of the 2017 Mandate Qurban Program have increased by 18,375 shares when compared to last year’s donations. Our charitable citizens have trusted our foundation with 257,789 shares of mandate qurbans.” 

Tutkun stated that, the foundation was very diligent and careful while sacrificing and distributing the qurban meat, and that the qurban slaughtering took place under the supervision of TDV and The Presidency of Religious Affairs employees and volunteers within the nation as well as countries abroad. 

Turkiye Diyanet Foundation’s general director, Mustafa Tutkun, expressed his sentiments on eid,  “I wish for the mandate qurban donations placed in our foundations name by our charitable nation gets accepted; I pray that this eid brings goodness to our country and people, peace, soundness, renewal, patience and hope to those suffering from poverty with the eid spirit which warms hearts and brings us closer to Allah.”

Figures for mandate qurban have reached 1,364,000 to date.

It was pointed out by Tutkun that the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation has been carrying out the mandate qurban program in cooperation with the Presidency of Religious Affairs since 1993. He also recorded that Turkiye Diyanet Foundation carried out the sacrificing and distribution of 89,011 shares of qurbans in 2013, 141,575 shares in 2014, 180,035 shares in 2015 and 239,414 shares in 2016 to those in need. 

Lastly, Tutkun said "Since the 2016 Mandate Qurban Program we have slaughtered and distributed a total of 1,106,369 shares of Qurban meat. When we include the 257,789 shares of mandate Qurban meat sacrifices this year, we reach a total of 1,364,158 shares of qurbans until today."