The Presidency of Religious Affairs vice President Prof. Dr. Yavuz Unal stated the following in relation to the qurban mandates planned on being received by TDV (Turkiye Diyanet Foundation) on the day of eid,"This year we set a target of 275,000 qurbans delegated to our foundation however my expectations are for the numbers to reach approximately 300,000. Currently, hunger and famine has taken over the world, and Turkey is a spark of hope. The people of Anatolia we hope will fulfil these hopes.

The ‘2017 mandate Qurban organisations regional meeting’ took place at the Samsun Mufti Centre with the attendance of muftis and imams from mosques within the Black sea area.

During the talk Unal carried out, he mentioned that the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Turkiye Diyanet Foundation will be carrying out qurban sacrifices in 400 different locations within 135 countries.

Unal highlighted that they gave as much preference as possible to regions of the geography of the ummah in which victims and needy are present and also said that "Turkiye Diyanet Foundation has taken into consideration which areas need more help, and we will simultaneously be having qurban sacrifices in 135 different countries. Citizens who have given their donations to Turkiye Diyanet Foundation will receive information when their qurban is sacrificed. We used this system last year and will be doing so this year as well in order to get the information to the people who gave donations. "

Unal drew attention to the figures of last year's mandate qurban program, in which the 225,000 target was met with a total of 245,000 qurban sacrifices. 

Unal used the following expression, "This year we set a target of 275,000 however my personal expectation is that we will get a figure of around 300,000.  During the time we are currently in, where hunger and famine has taken over the world, and in which Turkey comes out as a spark of hope the people of Anatolia will supply for those expecting help."

Unal stated that Turkiye Diyanet Foundation's mandate qurban fees for this year have been calculated at 850 Turkish liras for qurban sacrifices in Turkey while the prices for qurban abroad have been set at 600 Turkish liras. He also commented, "The act of worship, qurban, becomes a helping hand reaching out to our brothers and sisters who we have never seen from Africa to Asia, from the Fast East to South America and maybe even places we have never heard of before. The qurban sacrificed according to religious rulings is intended to be  delivered  to those in need, families in refugee camps, war and natural disaster zones, to countries fighting with famine and drought and in isolated regions of the seven continents , destitute of Muslims greetings.