Turkiye Diyanet Foundation has set the prices for the mandate Qurbans as 850TL for the ones in Turkey and 600TL for the sacrifices done abroad.

In the context of the Mandate Qurban program which TDV, alongside the Presidency of Religious Affairs will be slaughtering Qurbans in 275 city and province centres within Turkey and 400 regions of 135 countries abroad.

The Mandate Qurban Program which is taking place with the cooperation of TDV and the Presidency of Religious Affairs has estimated a total distribution of 275,000 shares of mandate Qurbans.

To ensure that the mandate Qurban donations given by citizens are sacrificed according to the religious guidelines and are distributed to those in need the Presidency of Religious Affairs and TDV are assigning personnel and volunteers. The Qurbans will also be available for refugee families. Turkiye Diyanet Foundation’s General Manager, Mustafa Tutkun reported that in the religion of Islam, while acts of worship are performed to bring the individual closer to Allah, they also include many other blessings and goodness in them. Tutkun highlighted the fact that carrying out the Qurban worship in the name of Allah also brings other blessings and added “Qurban as a form of worship keeps the spirit of brotherhood, contribution to the community and unity alive and contributes to social justice by sharing the Eid and festive spirit for those who are celebrating.”

“Qurban not only brings together family, friends and neighbours, but also the whole of the Muslim brothers and sisters.”

“The act of worship, Qurban, becomes a helping hand reaching out to our brothers and sisters who we have never seen from Africa to Asia, from the Fast East to South America and maybe even places we have never heard of before. The Qurban sacrificed according to religious rulings are intended to be delivered  to those in need, families in refugee camps, war and natural disaster zones, to countries fighting with famine and drought and in isolated regions of the seven continents, destitute of Muslims greetings.”

“ Qurban Slaughtering and Distribution at 400 Locations in 135 Countries Abroad “

Mustafa Tutkun who stated that Turkiye Diyanet Foundation has been organising the mandate Qurban program in cooperation with the Presidency of Religious Affairs since 1993, added “Since 2016 the 239,414 shares of Qurbans handed over to Turkiye Diyanet Foundation, have been sacrificed and distributed under the supervision of our staff within the 235 centres in various cities of Turkey alongside the 530 Qurban locations overseas. Taking into consideration the drought which has hit Africa this year we aim to have our Qurban distributions with 240,000 shares being given out in 135 countries abroad in the 400 different areas allocated, in addition to the 35,000 shares in 275 counties within Turkey. The Qurbans slaughtered within our country will be given out to families in need, refugees, Quran education centres and student dorms while the Qurbans overseas are going to be distributed to our brothers and sisters going through oppression from Africa to Asia, the Balkans to Caucasia, the Far East to Latin America, keeping in account the hunger, poverty and civil war they are enduring. We are organising the Mandate Qurban Program with the Muftis in Turkey, and embassies, consultancies, attaches, coordination centres, The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Directorate (TIKA) and related religious foundations and partner establishments for the Qurbans being sacrificed abroad.”

Tutkun highlighted that Turkiye Diyanet Foundation has set the prices for the Qurbans as 850TL for the ones in Turkey and 600TL for the Qurbans slaughtered abroad. "Qurban donations can be made from the following websites: www.diyanetvakfi.org.tr and bagis.diyanetvakfi.org.tr, as well as province and district muftis and mosque staff. PTT branches also can carry out this service along with the banks that we are in agreement with, which all allow our citizens to partake in our mandate Qurban program and get their donation secured in this way.”

Tutkun mentioned that citizens can call dedicated call centres on this number, 0312 416 90 00 and get detailed information about the Qurban Slaughtering program, he also added " Your citizens living abroad can carry out their Qurban through religious services consultancies and attaches, who work alongside foundations and religious officials in their own countries."