The Turkiye Diyanet Foundation distributed food packages and prepared iftar dinner tables in 278 areas of 64 different countries during the month of the Ramadan.

The TDV city branches organize iftar programs all across the country and they have gifted gift cards worth a 100 TL to 21.000 people in need and refugees. 8 million 500 thousand Turkish Lira of aid has been distributed all across the world during the month of Ramadan.

The General Director of the TDV states that this Foundation has delivered the zakat, alms and charity trusted by the worlds citizens, to the people in need all over the world for more than 42 years.

Tutkun emphasizes that the Foundation broadened its scope of aid both within Turkey as well as abroad by the generous aid of the people. We moved out with the slogans “The Zakah and Fitre arrive at our brothers”, “Your brothers have a right on you, during Ramadan and always”. The Foundation has become a helping hand to the poor and needy with the numerous Ramadan programs it organized and managed to bring solidarity and the joys of Ramadan to the tables of millions of Muslim brothers across the world and continues to do so in this year’s Ramadan. This Ramadan and always will we deliver the Zakah and Fitre to the poor in our city, our country and our world so that they know they are not alone and always will have a helping hand.

We became the voice of Benevolence in Ramadan

Tutkun stated “we became the voice of goodness during the month of Ramadan in 278 regions of 64 countries” and continued “We have organized iftar dinner tables and distributions of aid packages, gift cards and food packages to the poor in Turkey and abroad under the scope of our Ramadan organizations. Together with the Presidency of Religious Affairs and civil society organizations have we gifted food packages to 830 families and prepared iftar dinners for 90 thousand people.”

The Turkiye Diyanet Foundation together with its volunteers and workers will realizes 1 million 804 thousand dollars of aid in the month Ramadan. Among the aid done in Turkey is the distribution of gift cards to the people in need and refugee families. Gift cards with a value of 100 Turkish lira each have been distributed to 21.000 people in need and refugees, amounting to a total aid of 2 million 67 thousand Turkish Lira of gift cards. The distribution was done by 603 city branches of the Foundation. Again with the aid of our city branches have we prepared dinner tables during Ramadan so that the blessings of this month could be shared. 8 Million 500 thousand Turkish Lira worth of aid has been spent as the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation.”

“Your gifts have been sent to 14 countries in the month of the Qur’an”

Tutkun emphasizes that in 14 different countries across Africa, Asia and the Balkan copies of the Qur’an have been gifted during Ramadan in the scope of the “My gift is Qur’an” project, “Your gifts have been sent to 14 countries in the month of the Qur’an. The prints of 50 thousand Bosnian translations are finished and currently being distributed in six different Balkan countries. Our gifts made our Muslim brothers happy”.

We bring booklovers, writers and publishers together

He continued that since 1983, the Foundation organized Book and Culture fares in Istanbul and Ankara to bring together the book readers, its writers and the publishers. Another fare in Gaziantep is organized for this Ramadan. Tutkun mentions that this is the 36th fare and the fares are held in Istanbul Beyazit Meydani, Ankara Kocatepe Mosque and Gaziantep Istasyon Meydani.

Mustafa Tutkun thanked the people four their Zakat, Fitre and generous gifts as a donation to the Foundation. He finished by stating that their donations made the poor people smile during the month of Ramadan.