Tacloban Mosque and Islamic Centre that was built by the Turkey Diyanet Foundation in the Philippines was opened for Muslims service after Juma prayer.

Representatives of the TDV and the Presidency of Religious Affairs, as well as local authorities and the Muslim community in the city, attended the inauguration of the mosque in Tacloban, east of the Philippines.

The Filipino local authorities spoke at the opening ceremony after the first Friday prayer that was held at the Tacloban Mosque, they thanked the Turkish government and its people for not forgetting their Filipino brothers during the blessed month of Ramadan.

Sambo Yaokasin, the deputy governer of the city said that after the Typhoon disaster in 2013, Turkey was the first countries that came here to extend a helping hand gave a very nice present for the Muslim community in Tacloban, and added that the relationship between the people of the two countries will be strengthened with this mosque.

"The example of sacrifice without limits"

Ayse Malayang, a member of the National Islamic Council of the Philippine Presidency has expressed gratitude to everyone who was involved in the construction of the mosque. She stressed that "The Philippines were very impressed by the unlimited sacrifices exhibited by the aid Turkey provided them.

Ahmet Ozturk, A member of the Board of Trustees at TDV said, "TDV first came to help the victims of the Yolanda Typhoon in 2013. He also said, since then they have been undertaking restoration and reconstructing efforts for places of worship that were affected by the disaster.

In this way, Ozturk noted that, "they hope that the friendship, brotherhood and mutual aid between Turkey and the Philippines will increase and said that the Turkish people are with the Filipino brothers and I pray to the Almighty Allah that these places of worship will be good".

"Prayer and saying Allahuekber"

Before the ribbon cutting, Selahaddin Celebi who is the Head of Department of Mosque Services, of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, prayed for the 13 Turkish soilders that were martyred in Sirnak and the Filipino Muslims opened their hands and collectively said "Allahuekber" and said salawat.

The program ended with the ribbon cutting after they signed a protocol agreement regarding the mosque operations between the two country authorities.

In addition to the Tacloban Mosque, TDV built three mosques in the city of Ormoc. They also undertook maintenance and repair works in the city of Cebu.

The Tacloban Mosque and the Cultural Center that was newly opened by TDV has 350 communal capacity and it includes a outhouse that cover a space of 400 meters.