The 2017 Turkiye Diyanet Foundation introduction meeting of the mandate qurban organization was held at the conference room of the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation.

The President of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, Ekrem Keles, spoke during the introduction meeting of the mandate qurban organization.

Keles said, “This year the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation is planning to slaughter qurbans in 225 city and province centres within Turkey and 400 centres of 135 regions overseas. This year’s aim is to offer 275 thousand qurbans and distribute them to the needy”.

Keles said that the qurbans the Presidency of Religious Affairs and the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation receive the mandate of are distributed to the poor, needy, and deprived in all continents. “Our Foundation will slaughter qurbans in 225 regions in Turkey and in another 400 regions spread over 135 different countries. This year’s aim is to offer 275 thousand qurbans and distribute them to the needy”.

Keles states that the foundation slaughtered 180,035 qurbans in 2015 and 239,414 in 2016. He thanked everyone who helped with this these services.

Keles emphasized the value which the Foundation places on the qurbans and how important it is to accomplish this duty of slaughtering without any mistakes. He further notes that is necessary to increase our benevolence, mercy, empathy and aid in a world where starvation, poverty, orphans, deserted children and refugees are on the rise.

“We represent a civilization that brings life to people, not death.” He stated. The mandate qurban program is very valuable to the poor people, especially the people who lack basic needs like food.

Keles commented that the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation takes responsibility of people’s money and operates with accuracy, transparency, and control by the people. “I ask all people that donate through the mandate process that they should have confidence in our foundation. Our friends take every precaution possible and they will keep you up to date during the sacrifice and distribution procedure.”

“Qurban means ‘to come closer’”

Keles stated that qurban means “to come closer” and continued saying:
“Qurban is the symbol of sacrificing everything loved for the sake of God’s love. Animals are ordinarily slaughtered for their meat, but in this case the animals are slaughtered as worship. Qurban is the symbol of a good intention, sincerity and truthfulness. Therefore, no one will accept the Qurbans used for marketing or any other propaganda. Qurbans and zakat can only be given to certain people and cannot be used for other purposes. Qurban is a form of worship that is based on piety. Piety, especially during eid, requires one to visit friends, family, elders and the sick. It requires making the poor and orphans happy, while asking reward from God alone. This way, both the oppressed and deprived can enjoy the joys of eid. Piety requires us to be aware of the blessings God bestowed upon us and strive to be more grateful to him. Therefore, the knowledge of piety will make you understand the difference between slaughtering for meat and slaughtering for ‘Eid.”

“We have been Supporting the Needy for 42 years”

The second President of the Board of Trustees Huseyin Kayapinar stated that the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation has been supporting the needy for 42 years and that the 2017 mandate qurban program will find its way to the Muslims living in 135 countries across the world.

Kayapinar said “42 years ago, the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation worked in limited areas, now it has become an international foundation working all over the globe. With our brothers of different regions, we organize many different projects. Mosques are being constructed, students from different regions come to study in Turkey on a scholarship, we aid the deprived and oppressed in areas where natural disaster has struck and many more activities. Our brotherhood gets strengthened by our activities.”

The provincial Mufti of Ankara Mehmet Sonmezoglu believes that the increase of holidays to 10 days during eid will cause more qurbans to be slaughtered, wishing that all the worship performed will be accepted.

The Noble Qur’an was recited during the meeting of the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation, which included a movie about the Foundation’s activities.

The meeting was attended by the provincial muftis and religious figures of Ankara, Kirkkale, Kastamonu and Cankiri.