Management Services Directorate/Department

Provides the Turkiyet Diyanet Foundation with all kinds of tools needed and deemed appropriate for the provision of services, materials, supplies, inventory and equipment goods. The evaluation of direction and objective to be taken in accordance with our legislation, which allows for recording and monitoring.

Catering services, transportation and service technicians, service personnel, security guards and other staff to ensure the efficient and orderly operation is conducted according to the instructions of the foundation's archives and documentation.

Copying, duplication, email, application and consulting services to building power plants and centres. In addition to ensuring orderly conduct, to follow the general paperwork, cleaning, security and heating to be carried out in an effective and efficient manner. In order to evaluate the various institutions of culture and education, will be printed by our Foundation grants to organizations and individuals, audio and video publications, procured performs in line with requests to be done by distribution.

The Presidency of Religious Affairs of Hajj and Umrah services, caters for service inventory, stationery, printed materials and other items with pilgrimage supplies and other similar material and service purchases. Administers decision, provision and ensuring the acquisition of consent of which activities as they provide keeps relevant records of who and what  inventory qualifications are available for the Hajj and Umrah services.


Administrative Services Director


Contact Information

Dr.Mediha Eldem Sokak No: 72/B 06640 Kocatepe/Ankara
(0312) 416 92 00