The Directorship of Financial Affairs

The Directorship of Financial Affairs fulfills the decisions made for the expenses and assistance by the Executive Board and the Board of Trustees by the respective departments within the foundation and financial legislations. It also collects the foundations income which consists of different items.

The Directorship Financial Affairs also aids with reporting the alteration of financial legislation, accounting practices and the operating branches of the foundation within the country and helps with the knowledge and skill development of the foundations staff members who gives service in the province and district branches.

The Directorship of Financial Affairs have recognized a tax exemption by the ministerial committee to our foundation. They prepare the annual budget due to the tax exemption based on the following principles; one third of the income of obtained during the year is for the management and maintenance expenses with the increasing investment in the assets of the provident and foundation, the remaining two thirds is firstly to support the services of the Religious Foundation of Turkish affairs and is meant to be spent for the purposes specified in the foundations document.


Authorized by


Director of Financial Affairs

Contact Information: Dr. Mediha Eldem Sokak No: 72/B 06640 Kocatepe/Ankara


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