The Directorship of Construction and Technical Services

The Directorship of Construction and Technical Services; with referring to the decisions made by the Hajj and Umrah committee of the Presidency of Turkish Affairs and the Board of Trustees and with consigning religious, social, education and health problems to the General Directorate. The Directorship of Construction and Technical Services actualize by constructing the anticipated mosques, fountains (for the use of ritual ablutions), imam houses, schools, dormitory buildings, cultural centers, the construction of lodging buildings and also with the maintenance, repairing and restoration of all kinds of buildings.

Also the purchasing of property, renting, selling, part classification in accordance to these, the running of expropriation, parceling, amalgamation of land etc. The directorship also ensures the public institution and enterprises of the properties.

The directorship of construction and technical service also conducts all sorts of property donations and the preparing of different types of mosques to be given to the interested who are in need.

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Director of the Construction and Technical Services

Contact Information: Dr. Mediha Eldem Sokak No: 72/B 06640 Kocatepe/Ankara 

(0312) 416 92 10 - 416 92 11