The Department of charity and social services

Our foundation organizes all kinds of charity and social services, such as financial and non-financial help, social service, Ramadan services, Eid al-Adha organization and campaigns.      

The charity services of the foundation, in our country as well as abroad, are supported by the Presidency of Religious Affairs. The presidency organizes the facilities and help that is needed to construct mosques, Quran schools, buildings for Islamic jurisprudence and education.

The poor and needy are found and the required financial and non-financial support, gift cards during the month of Ramadan and food packages are distributed by our foundation.              

During the month of Ramadan iftar dinners, Eid al-Adha organizations and donation campaigns during social and natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, fires and famine are all activities done by this foundation.

Andullah AYDOS                             
Head of department of charity and social services          


Address: Dr. Mediha Eldem Street No: 72/B 06640 Kocatepe/Ankara    
0 (312) 416 92 70 - 71